Cloud Enforcement Node Ranges

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Customers that have implemented private Cloud Enforcement Nodes in their environment: you may need to take into account additional address ranges not represented here. Customers should ensure that access is permitted to data center IP ranges. Allowing access to only specific IP addresses may result in a loss of service.

RS Regional Surcharge An additional fee is required in order to use this data center.
DNP Do Not Provision The Data Center must not be used due to planned data center decommissioning, or possible other factors.
NRU Not Ready for Use The Data Center is coming up online but can not be used yet. Please update your firewall configuration to allow future use.
Not in Gateway The data center is not used in PAC files.
Location IP Address (CIDR Notation) Proxy Hostname GRE Virtual IP VPN Host Name Notes
Abu Dhabi I
Amsterdam II
Amsterdam II
Brussels DNP, Not in Gateway
Brussels II
Capetown RS
Copenhagen DNP, Not in Gateway
Copenhagen II
Dubai I RS, Not in Gateway
Frankfurt IV
Frankfurt IV
Frankfurt IV NRU
Johannesburg II RS
Johannesburg III NRU
Lagos DNP, RS, Not in Gateway
Lagos II RS
London III DNP
London III
London III NRU
Madrid III
Manchester I
Manchester I NRU
Milan II DNP, Not in Gateway
Milan III
Moscow II DNP, Not in Gateway
Moscow III
Munich I NRU
Munich I NRU
Munich I
Oslo II
Paris II
Paris II Not in Gateway
Rouen I
Stockholm III
Tel Aviv Not in Gateway
Vienna I
Warsaw DNP, Not in Gateway
Warsaw II
Zurich DNP, Not in Gateway
Atlanta II DNP
Atlanta II
Chicago DNP
Dallas I DNP, Not in Gateway
Dallas I
Denver DNP, Not in Gateway
Denver III
Los Angeles
Miami II DNP, Not in Gateway
Miami III
Montreal I NRU
New York III DNP
New York III Not in Gateway
Nuevo Laredo I
San Francisco IV DNP
San Francisco IV
Sao Paulo DNP, RS, Not in Gateway
Sao Paulo II DNP, RS
Sao Paulo IV RS, Not in Gateway
Toronto II DNP, Not in Gateway
Toronto III
Vancouver I
Washington DC DNP
Washington DC Not in Gateway
Auckland RS, Not in Gateway
Beijing RS, Not in Gateway
Chennai DNP
Chennai II
Hong Kong III
Hong Kong III NRU
Melbourne DNP, RS
Melbourne II RS
Mumbai IV DNP
Mumbai VI
New Delhi I
Osaka I NRU
Seoul I NRU
Seoul III RS, Not in Gateway
Shanghai RS, Not in Gateway
Singapore IV
Singapore IV NRU
Sydney DNP, RS
Sydney III RS
Sydney III NRU
Taipei Not in Gateway
Tianjin RS, Not in Gateway
Tokyo IV
Tokyo IV NRU
Future Datacenters
Upcoming DC I
Upcoming DC II
Upcoming DC III
Upcoming DC IV
Upcoming DC V
Upcoming DC VI
Global ZEN IP addresses